Our Successes

Projects we have completed on behalf of our clients.

Our team of strata managers ammicably resolved an ongoing dispute with a neighbour over an overhanging tree. Prior to us taking on management, the owners had struggled to deal with the tree dispute and had concerns that the tree could cause damage to the complex in the event of a storm. In a matter of weeks, we had resolved the issue while maintaining a good relationship with the neighbouring property and their managing agent. The process involved reviewing the Neighbourhood Disputes about... Read More

The owners of Percival Street engaged our team to manage their body corporate, with a main focus on the rectification of a driveway defect. The newly build units are beautifully designed and well built, however the pavers in the driveway had become unstable and required attention. Together with the developer, builder and supplier we were able to reolve the issue through replacement of all pavers, at no cost to the owners. The process to rectification included on site meetings with owners... Read More