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One Agency Collins Strata Booklet - One Agency Collins Strata Booklet 

One Agency Collins 2021 Newsletter - One Agency Collins 2021 Newsletter

Strata Living in Tasmania - strata.pdf (dpipwe.tas.gov.au)



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Emergency contacts during office closures.

The following contractors can be contact in the instance of an emergency within common property when our office is closed.

Brad Casey Plumbing - 0418 988 594
Briggs Plumbing - 6427 8781

Genr8 Electrical - 0458 999 050 
Dobson Electrical - 0418 524 986

Insurance - Please refer to your 2022 AGM Minutes for your insurance brokers details.

If any of the above tradespeople are not available in an emergency, you may contact an alternate business to attend. Please make sure you obtain a receipt and you will be reimbursed where applicable.


More info coming soon.