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There’s less stress than when I had to take on the Body Corporate (an area which I have little knowledge) and with older neighbours who no longer want to take on the responsibility, I really enjoy having an external Body Corporate Manager. I would recommend One Agency Collins Strata because there are so many rules and regulations the general public/householder is unfamiliar with.

Jenny from Devonport


Having a maintenance plan for now and the future, plus being able to contact or visit a real person is great. I would recommend their services because they are local and take pride in the building and surrounds and always looking to improve the complex.

Greg from Devonport


One Agency Collins has been our Strata Manager for over three years now.  Their Strata Management has proven to be excellent value for money.  Great customer service, friendly staff.  Our block of units is in great shape thanks to One Agency Collins.  One Agency Collins are definitely someone you want to consider as your strata manager.  If you are tendering for a Strata Manager, do ask them to put forward a submission for your consideration.  At our next annual meeting, I will be moving to retain their services and I am confident that it will be a unanimous yes vote.

Alex from Devonport


I would most definitely recommend your services, as it takes worry and pressure off a property owner having to take on the responsibility of all the body corporate matters. Well worth the money!

Rosie from Shearwater